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Mechler-Blass Associates offers water conservation product lines that deal with the containment, conveyance, and the collection of potable and non-potable water, as well as temperature control and disinfection.

We only represent water containment brands and products that we believe in. Our knowledgeable service representatives provide truthful insight into the brands we represent, giving clients the knowledge they need to know to decide which products they need. We put our stamp of approval on high quality brands such as Containment Solutions and Highland Tank that show consistent quality and reliability, while other water containment products have a history of being less than dependable. To learn more about the brands we represent, contact us today. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service and building relationships with our clients.

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Containment Solutions

One of the most trusted names in long-term fluid storage handling from fuels to lubricants to water and waste water.

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Highland Tank

Rainwater/Condensate turnkey systems.

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Water Control

Water disinfection and treatment systems for rainwater harvesting and condensate.

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Water Control

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